Affiliate Disclosure

In compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) updated guidelines for transparency, CarolinaRaeArt strives to keep our audience fully informed about our affiliations and collaborations. We believe in openness and want you to be aware of any potential sponsorships, endorsements, or affiliations that may exist between us and external entities. The following disclosure is designed to provide clarity on how these relationships may impact your interactions with our content.

Affiliate Links Clarified:

CarolinaRaeArt ( incorporates affiliate links into its content. These links are instrumental in generating a small commission for us when our audience makes purchases through them. It’s crucial to note that any transactions occur directly on the external websites of affiliate companies, not on CarolinaRaeArt itself.

Participation in Amazon Affiliate Program:

We proudly participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program allows websites to earn fees by creating links to and affiliated sites. By utilizing these affiliate links, CarolinaRaeArt may receive compensation from Amazon and other affiliated companies as a reward for connecting our readers to their platforms.

Product Affiliate Links:

Clicking on a product affiliate link on our website may result in us receiving a percentage of the sale or other forms of compensation. Importantly, this does not affect the price you pay for the product. Whether you choose an affiliate or non-affiliate link, the cost remains the same for you.

Sponsored Content and Recommendations:

At CarolinaRaeArt, our commitment is to provide genuine and unbiased information. We do not create sponsored posts that could introduce bias into our content. However, if a company wishes to feature sponsored content on our platform, we will transparently disclose this arrangement at the beginning of such a post. Our integrity in recommendations is paramount, and we only endorse products we use personally or confidently recommend to friends and family.

Supporting Our Endeavors:

When you make purchases through our affiliate links, you play a crucial role in supporting CarolinaRaeArt’s ongoing research efforts. We extend our deepest appreciation for your contributions. Your support enables us to sustain our commitment to delivering substantial and enlightening content. Your trust and active involvement hold immeasurable significance.

Questions or Concerns:

Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions regarding our affiliate disclosure, we welcome you to reach out to us at your convenience. We highly value your trust and are dedicated to ensuring a transparent understanding of our practices.