Bugbear Miniatures


It’s been too long since I sculpted anything. But now … Bugbears! From my webcomic Ascent of Magic!



I took photos between each session. Until I didn’t. So there’s a bad case of all the interesting detail happening in between photos, like those ‘how to draw spiderman’ tutorials.

A third of the way through I realized I regretted the pose of the second one – I originally wanted to sculpt him leaning against the wall. No compromise!

So I’ve started another one now with the correct pose. I did end up sculpting both, and I’m glad I did.


Deely boppers!


All painted up – with some quite old Games Workshop paint. Growing up painting with it has permanently warped my perception of colour. Hey, what colour’s that? It’s Dark Angles Green. Or Snakebite Leather. Scorched Earth. Goblin Green, Bleached Bone …

I bought some Game Colour paints to try – the Bugbears’ eyes are painted with both Red Gore and Gory Red.

Well this was a great project to get back into sculpting, not to mention trying to remember how my blog works. Thanks for reading!

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