Gordon Freeman Miniatures

Back in 2009 I had been working on a lot of Warhammer Bretonnian Knight conversions and was re-sculpting parts of peasants, when my brother showed me a short tutorial on miniature sculpting.

So I gave it a go one day, and as I was re-playing Half life 2 at the time I decided to sculpt Gordon Freeman.

Big Gordon 1

Purrdy. ‘Big Gordon’. I unfortunately don’t have any work in progress pics.Big Gordon 2


Just finished painting.

Big Gordon 5

Along with Big Gordon I sculpted a headcrab zombie..

Big Gordon 4

Big Gordon and Headcrab

Which was a lot of fun!

Then maybe three years later I decided to sculpt another Gordon.

L Gordon 0

‘Little Gordon’!

L Gordon 1

L Gordon 2

L Gordon 3

L Gordon 4

L Gordon 5

L Gordon 7

L Gordon 6

The open hand was a tiny fuse wire hand with individual fingers that I wish I’d taken pictures of.

L Gordon 9


Head could have been better. I just didn’t know what to do about the glasses.

L Gordon 10

L Gordon 11

Really happy with how the paint job came out.

L Gordon 12

Base detail – the breeze block was carved from a cured blob of putty.

L Gordon 13

My favorite photo. What a guy!

B&L Gordon

The two Gordons.

It’s cool looking back and seeing how far you’ve come.

I’m still dreaming of sculpting d0g, maybe in the act of throwing a tiny toy car?

Thanks for reading.

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