Dark Souls 2 Mould

Mould time!

This was my first attempt at making a mould. It was pretty cool and I learned a lot.

Special thanks to my brother for the high octane action shots.

IMG_8833 copy

IMG_8839 copy

IMG_8838 copy

So first we start with our nice mould box. With 20/20 hindsight I now realize I  could have gotten away with maybe 2/3 of the silicone if I made the box a bit smaller.

IMG_8841 copy

Then sealed it all up (not enough!)  Next I poured water into the mould taking note of how much, to calculate how much silicone rubber it would take. According to my reading, silicone and water are roughly equivalent weight.

IMG_8845 copy

And thank Christ I did because then all the water leaked out!

Left the mould to dry out over night. Silicone and water are not good friends.

IMG_8854 copy

Round two of sealing switched to the NSP Chevants clay it’s much stickier and did a better job. Oh, plus 4 more sticks of hot glue! All set for moulding! (Hopefully)

IMG_8856 copy

I’m using Pinky Sil silicone rubber – you just mix the two parts by weight – in this case about 900ml.

IMG_8857 copy

I’ve been hoarding yogurt pots for this occasion.

IMG_8858 copy

IMG_8860 copy

IMG_8863 copy

IMG_8869 copy

IMG_8871 copy

IMG_8872 copy

My mixing pots where not big enough for the amount of silicone, so I made up two batches. This might have contributed to the air bubbles on the back of the mould.

IMG_8875 copy

All cured.

IMG_8881 copy

Tearing apart the mould box maybe the most satisfying part of the project.

IMG_8885 copy

Next step – cutting  the mould in two.

IMG_8888 copy

I had to remove the sculpt first. I had super glued the stand I had sculpted it on to the base (which I wouldn’t do again).

I had to pull it off. It was quite painful 🙁

IMG_8889 copy

IMG_8891 copy

But there’s no turning back now, so I started cutting. This would have been easier with a second pair of hands but I still only have two.  Jeez!

I made do by wedging the lid of an exacto knife in the gap.

DSC06377 copy

Not bad.

As you can see the front has came out pretty damn good, the second half however has a lot of air bubbles, again I think this was to do with how I laid out the mould.

And I suppose if you’re going to have air bubbles at least they’re on the back and the two major ones are on the base, so we’ll call that a win and won’t do that again.

IMG_8893 copy


Spent twenty minutes cleaning tiny bits of clay out of the mould with a toothpick (and I should have spent longer).

Then cut some channels from the arms – I don’t think they really did anything but good practice.

I tested with water again for the amounts and again left to dry over night, resin also won’t cure properly if there’s any water left in the mould.

Ready for casting!

IMG_8898 copy

Casting with easy cure resin about 210 ml.

IMG_8900 copy

The resin had a two minute pot life which made mixing and pouring stressful.

Let sit twenty minutes the de-moulded it.

IMG_8902 copy

DSC06382 copy

DSC06381 copy

Well. So that looks kinda like honey comb.

But the resin has flowed all the way to the tip of the helmet and to both shoulders, so I’m pretty pleased with that for my first time. It looks like there was just a lot of air trapped in the resin.

The silicone picked up terrific detail and with no real mould line to speak of, so I’m very happy with that.

IMG_8907 copy

I’ve started to fill the holes and get it ready for painting.

Thanks for reading!


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