Dark Souls 2 and Monster Clay

I’ve wanted to try sculpting in a larger scale for a while now. After watching Julian Khors’ sculpting videos I decided to try Super Sculpy, it was okay at first and I had some decent results.

DSC05677 copy

You know you’re doing good when everyone who wonders past and takes a look comments ‘that’s disgusting!’ Even with a dapper moustache no one cares for Mr Meatbag 🙁

Anyway I didn’t really like the feel of Super Sculpy. I don’t know if its just the climate here but it was incredible crumbly to work with, maybe it just takes more practice?

So I kept looking for the perfect clay and came across these videos and Monster Clay.


Monster clay is a oil and wax based clay that’s different from the epoxies I use for miniature sculpting and Sculpy in that it wont dry out or harden even if baked (don’t bake it). So if you want a permanent copy of whatever you sculpt you will need to mould it then cast a copy.

So I went straight out to buy some and discovered that there is none to be had in all of Queensland. I tried some Chevants NSP medium clay instead but it was too soft for my liking and very very sticky.

Finally I found and ordered some Monster Clay from Adelaide. And so far, I like it. It’s pretty much self supporting so less time spent fiddling around on armatures, it

doesn’t stick to my tools and at the moment (Winter) its hard enough to take good detail. I’m still trying to work out how to finish smoothing the sculpt though, as you can see here it’s probably about 95% done. I’m still trying to work out the last 5%.

Here’s a bust of the Dark Souls 2 Trailer/box cover guy. Wearing the Farram armour. I’m Getting ready to try moulding it.

DSC06362 copy

DSC06365 copy

DSC06369 copy

DSC06372 copy

Cheers 😀



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