Corvo and Emily from Dishonored Miniatures.

Dishonored was a fantastic game which was only partially to do with its visuals being reminisce of my beloved Half life.

I’m really exited for the sequel – getting to play as Emily hell yeah! And the new city looked pretty damn cool.

It’s just very nice to have more dedicated single player games without the all consuming multiplayer beast, or the immersion breaking co-op tacked on, though the way the industry’s going at the moment its more like tacked on single player 🙁 or maybe I’m just still annoyed at halo 5s co-op.

I wanted to sculpt Corvo doing something other then murdering people and I thought this might be a nice little scene.

I sculpted them back in 2013. I think the hands ended up a little to big on Corvo but its kinda the style of the game. I’m really proud of the detail on his coat.

I was really humming and hahing about whether to sculpt Emily and stay true to my original idea or to change Corvo to be looking at something else, I think she came out good though.

It was interesting trying to sculpt Corvo looking happy.

210 copy

234 copy

235 copy

238 copy

239 copy

240 copy

DSC05278 copy

TEST 470 copy

DSC05601 copy


Thanks for reading. \O/

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