Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Now for a neck braking change of pace, pooh and piglet sculpted as a gift for my Goddaughter.

I really enjoyed sculpting Pooh and Piglet, they where some of my favourites when I was a wee thing. I think I’ll try some more children’s book characters soon.

I love doing this kind of base even though it was cold and the putty for the flowers wouldn’t stick to the wire, that and my hands kept going numb.  

The balloon is milliput, the tree log is greenstuff, the base is a double layer of thick plastic and the characters are greenstuff over a core of milliput.

DSC06265 copy

DSC06269 copy

DSC06270 copy

DSC06272 copy

DSC06274 copy

DSC06276 copy

DSC06256 copy

DSC06258 copy

DSC06259 copy

DSC06261 copy


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