Mass Effect Miniatures

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Commander Shepard from Mass effect (one of my favourite games.)

Materials: Mostly greenstuff, the sniper rifle and part of the armature is Milliput mixed 50:50 with greenstuff. The omni blade is plastic card.

The base was more plastic sheets and tubes and the icicles where hot glue strands super glued on.

This mini was a real turning point with my sculpting – I started using clay shapers and Vaseline to smooth it, the difference is like night and day. This was also my first female fig and I finely worked out how to sculpt weapons! I also mostly tracked how much time went into the sculpting (something I have yet to replicate). Like I can tell you it took me 41:04 minutes to sculpt her left calf, cool huh?

Although her face drove me nuts and It’s really a point I need to focus on.

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Materials: procreate, greenstuff, brownstuff (seriously), copper fuse wire for the arms and assorted plastic and rocks for the base.

Second Mass Effect mini, I’m really pleased with how it came out, one of my favorite bases. I heated plastic with a lighter and then bent it into a curve. And then added assorted wire and snow flock.

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Mordin! I started sculpting him while I was half way through Mass Effect 3… 🙁

I really liked this drawing of Mordin, it partially inspired the miniature.

The floor is a section of a coke can flattened, sanded and buffed.

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I sculpted Joker for fun over Christmas 2011, he was my first Mass Effect mini. He’s not actually the same scale as the others annoyingly, he’s a couple mm taller.

The floor is made from a coke can like Mordin.

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