Game Of Thrones Miniatures

Hey guys,

Here’s my collection of Game Of Thrones sculpts so far!

Note for height reference that’s a Singapore dollar its the same size as a quarter, or about 23 mm, it was the only coin I had at hand.

DSC06200 copy

Damn it Ned why’d you have to be so honourable?

I originally tried the pose from the promo photos for season one, I wasn’t very happy with how it was turning out though – pretty boring. So I made the hard choice and scrapped it to start again with a more interesting scene. Very pleased I did.

DSC06237 copy DSC06239 copy DSC06240 copy DSC06241 copy DSC06242 copy DSC06243 copy DSC05947 copy DSC05951 copy DSC05983 copy

King in the north! Robb Stark. For the most part a very straight forwards sculpt except for the left hand which was a bitch! Misjudged how much wire was left on the arm ended up with not enough of a base to sculpt on.

DSC06214 copy DSC06218 copy DSC06219 copy DSC06221 copy DSC06222 copy DSC05939 copy DSC05953 copy DSC05954 copy DSC05960 copy

You know nothing, Jon SnnOOOOooowwwww! I’m really happy with the composition on this one. Snow bases are fun!

DSC06213 copy DSC06227 copy DSC06229 copy DSC06228 copy DSC06230 copy

Lannister time! Tyrion.

I got half way through this sculpt and scrapped it, the scale got away from me a little, he was becoming a little bit too square.

DSC06231 copyDSC06233 copy DSC06234 copy DSC06235 copy DSC06236 copy DSC05991 copy

The Kingslayer! Jamie Lannister.

I sculpted him back in 2014. He was the first of this set.

DSC06244 copy DSC06250 copy DSC06249 copy DSC06248 copy DSC06246 copy TEST 617 copy TEST 635 copy TEST 657 copy TEST 699 copy TEST 730 copy

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