Bugbear Miniatures


It’s been too long since I sculpted anything. But now … Bugbears! From my webcomic Ascent of Magic!



I took photos between each session. Until I didn’t. So there’s a bad case of all the interesting detail happening in between photos, like those ‘how to draw spiderman’ tutorials.

A third of the way through I realized I regretted the pose of the second one – I originally wanted to sculpt him leaning against the wall. No compromise!

So I’ve started another one now with the correct pose. I did end up sculpting both, and I’m glad I did.


Deely boppers!


All painted up – with some quite old Games Workshop paint. Growing up painting with it has permanently warped my perception of colour. Hey, what colour’s that? It’s Dark Angles Green. Or Snakebite Leather. Scorched Earth. Goblin Green, Bleached Bone …

I bought some Game Colour paints to try – the Bugbears’ eyes are painted with both Red Gore and Gory Red.

Well this was a great project to get back into sculpting, not to mention trying to remember how my blog works. Thanks for reading!

Gordon Freeman Miniatures

Back in 2009 I had been working on a lot of Warhammer Bretonnian Knight conversions and was re-sculpting parts of peasants, when my brother showed me a short tutorial on miniature sculpting.

So I gave it a go one day, and as I was re-playing Half life 2 at the time I decided to sculpt Gordon Freeman.

Big Gordon 1

Purrdy. ‘Big Gordon’. I unfortunately don’t have any work in progress pics.Big Gordon 2


Just finished painting.

Big Gordon 5

Along with Big Gordon I sculpted a headcrab zombie..

Big Gordon 4

Big Gordon and Headcrab

Which was a lot of fun!

Then maybe three years later I decided to sculpt another Gordon.

L Gordon 0

‘Little Gordon’!

L Gordon 1

L Gordon 2

L Gordon 3

L Gordon 4

L Gordon 5

L Gordon 7

L Gordon 6

The open hand was a tiny fuse wire hand with individual fingers that I wish I’d taken pictures of.

L Gordon 9


Head could have been better. I just didn’t know what to do about the glasses.

L Gordon 10

L Gordon 11

Really happy with how the paint job came out.

L Gordon 12

Base detail – the breeze block was carved from a cured blob of putty.

L Gordon 13

My favorite photo. What a guy!

B&L Gordon

The two Gordons.

It’s cool looking back and seeing how far you’ve come.

I’m still dreaming of sculpting d0g, maybe in the act of throwing a tiny toy car?

Thanks for reading.

Dark Souls 2 Mould

Mould time!

This was my first attempt at making a mould. It was pretty cool and I learned a lot.

Special thanks to my brother for the high octane action shots.

IMG_8833 copy

IMG_8839 copy

IMG_8838 copy

So first we start with our nice mould box. With 20/20 hindsight I now realize I  could have gotten away with maybe 2/3 of the silicone if I made the box a bit smaller.

IMG_8841 copy

Then sealed it all up (not enough!)  Next I poured water into the mould taking note of how much, to calculate how much silicone rubber it would take. According to my reading, silicone and water are roughly equivalent weight.

IMG_8845 copy

And thank Christ I did because then all the water leaked out!

Left the mould to dry out over night. Silicone and water are not good friends.

IMG_8854 copy

Round two of sealing switched to the NSP Chevants clay it’s much stickier and did a better job. Oh, plus 4 more sticks of hot glue! All set for moulding! (Hopefully)

IMG_8856 copy

I’m using Pinky Sil silicone rubber – you just mix the two parts by weight – in this case about 900ml.

IMG_8857 copy

I’ve been hoarding yogurt pots for this occasion.

IMG_8858 copy

IMG_8860 copy

IMG_8863 copy

IMG_8869 copy

IMG_8871 copy

IMG_8872 copy

My mixing pots where not big enough for the amount of silicone, so I made up two batches. This might have contributed to the air bubbles on the back of the mould.

IMG_8875 copy

All cured.

IMG_8881 copy

Tearing apart the mould box maybe the most satisfying part of the project.

IMG_8885 copy

Next step – cutting  the mould in two.

IMG_8888 copy

I had to remove the sculpt first. I had super glued the stand I had sculpted it on to the base (which I wouldn’t do again).

I had to pull it off. It was quite painful 🙁

IMG_8889 copy

IMG_8891 copy

But there’s no turning back now, so I started cutting. This would have been easier with a second pair of hands but I still only have two.  Jeez!

I made do by wedging the lid of an exacto knife in the gap.

DSC06377 copy

Not bad.

As you can see the front has came out pretty damn good, the second half however has a lot of air bubbles, again I think this was to do with how I laid out the mould.

And I suppose if you’re going to have air bubbles at least they’re on the back and the two major ones are on the base, so we’ll call that a win and won’t do that again.

IMG_8893 copy


Spent twenty minutes cleaning tiny bits of clay out of the mould with a toothpick (and I should have spent longer).

Then cut some channels from the arms – I don’t think they really did anything but good practice.

I tested with water again for the amounts and again left to dry over night, resin also won’t cure properly if there’s any water left in the mould.

Ready for casting!

IMG_8898 copy

Casting with easy cure resin about 210 ml.

IMG_8900 copy

The resin had a two minute pot life which made mixing and pouring stressful.

Let sit twenty minutes the de-moulded it.

IMG_8902 copy

DSC06382 copy

DSC06381 copy

Well. So that looks kinda like honey comb.

But the resin has flowed all the way to the tip of the helmet and to both shoulders, so I’m pretty pleased with that for my first time. It looks like there was just a lot of air trapped in the resin.

The silicone picked up terrific detail and with no real mould line to speak of, so I’m very happy with that.

IMG_8907 copy

I’ve started to fill the holes and get it ready for painting.

Thanks for reading!


Dark Souls 2 and Monster Clay

I’ve wanted to try sculpting in a larger scale for a while now. After watching Julian Khors’ sculpting videos I decided to try Super Sculpy, it was okay at first and I had some decent results.

DSC05677 copy

You know you’re doing good when everyone who wonders past and takes a look comments ‘that’s disgusting!’ Even with a dapper moustache no one cares for Mr Meatbag 🙁

Anyway I didn’t really like the feel of Super Sculpy. I don’t know if its just the climate here but it was incredible crumbly to work with, maybe it just takes more practice?

So I kept looking for the perfect clay and came across these videos and Monster Clay.


Monster clay is a oil and wax based clay that’s different from the epoxies I use for miniature sculpting and Sculpy in that it wont dry out or harden even if baked (don’t bake it). So if you want a permanent copy of whatever you sculpt you will need to mould it then cast a copy.

So I went straight out to buy some and discovered that there is none to be had in all of Queensland. I tried some Chevants NSP medium clay instead but it was too soft for my liking and very very sticky.

Finally I found and ordered some Monster Clay from Adelaide. And so far, I like it. It’s pretty much self supporting so less time spent fiddling around on armatures, it

doesn’t stick to my tools and at the moment (Winter) its hard enough to take good detail. I’m still trying to work out how to finish smoothing the sculpt though, as you can see here it’s probably about 95% done. I’m still trying to work out the last 5%.

Here’s a bust of the Dark Souls 2 Trailer/box cover guy. Wearing the Farram armour. I’m Getting ready to try moulding it.

DSC06362 copy

DSC06365 copy

DSC06369 copy

DSC06372 copy

Cheers 😀



Corvo and Emily from Dishonored Miniatures.

Dishonored was a fantastic game which was only partially to do with its visuals being reminisce of my beloved Half life.

I’m really exited for the sequel – getting to play as Emily hell yeah! And the new city looked pretty damn cool.

It’s just very nice to have more dedicated single player games without the all consuming multiplayer beast, or the immersion breaking co-op tacked on, though the way the industry’s going at the moment its more like tacked on single player 🙁 or maybe I’m just still annoyed at halo 5s co-op.

I wanted to sculpt Corvo doing something other then murdering people and I thought this might be a nice little scene.

I sculpted them back in 2013. I think the hands ended up a little to big on Corvo but its kinda the style of the game. I’m really proud of the detail on his coat.

I was really humming and hahing about whether to sculpt Emily and stay true to my original idea or to change Corvo to be looking at something else, I think she came out good though.

It was interesting trying to sculpt Corvo looking happy.

210 copy

234 copy

235 copy

238 copy

239 copy

240 copy

DSC05278 copy

TEST 470 copy

DSC05601 copy


Thanks for reading. \O/

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

Now for a neck braking change of pace, pooh and piglet sculpted as a gift for my Goddaughter.

I really enjoyed sculpting Pooh and Piglet, they where some of my favourites when I was a wee thing. I think I’ll try some more children’s book characters soon.

I love doing this kind of base even though it was cold and the putty for the flowers wouldn’t stick to the wire, that and my hands kept going numb.  

The balloon is milliput, the tree log is greenstuff, the base is a double layer of thick plastic and the characters are greenstuff over a core of milliput.

DSC06265 copy

DSC06269 copy

DSC06270 copy

DSC06272 copy

DSC06274 copy

DSC06276 copy

DSC06256 copy

DSC06258 copy

DSC06259 copy

DSC06261 copy


Tools and Materials for Miniature Sculpting

DSC06286 copy

Sculpting tools:

1 Blunt knife for cutting blobs of putty to mix and to sculpt with. Why blunt? Less chance of scratching and inadvertently marking the putty you’re trying to smooth.

1 Extremely sharp and possibly lethal knife for trimming miniatures, whittling swords and guns and slicing basing materials.

2 Basic sculpting tool.

3 Clay shapers! They are probably the most important tool and absolutely awesome. Get them, use them, laugh hysterically and wish you’d bought them the second you’d heard about them. These things were a total game changer for me, I cannot stress enough how useful they are.

4 Metal ball stylus. Not necessary but I use it occasionally.

5 Tooth pick. I use it for applying super glue and sometimes putty, especially the greenstuff/milliput hybrid which is quite sticky.

6 2x needle nosed pliers and 1x clippers used for bending and cutting the wire for the armatures. (The wire skeleton or a support structure for a sculpture.)

7 Pin vice (its a tiny drill) and pin vice bits. Besides their obvious use they’re also good for holding arms or heads when working on them separate from the main sculpt.

8 File for file’n stuff.

9 Sandpaper. When sculpting weapons its easier to apply more putty and then cut or sand the excess away.

10 Digital calipers. Useful for measuring arms and legs etc. Keeping the miniatures to scale.

I basically do 99% of my sculpting with the basic tool and 2 colour shapers. For a hobby it’s cheap in materials but expensive in time.




1 Green stuff. The classic, it’s really sticky to start with just let it sit 15-20 minutes and it becomes more manageable – roughly the consistency of chewing gum.

2 Brown stuff. It’s similar to the greenstuff except it cures much harder and is sand-able. It’s really good for armour and weapons.

3 Procreate. Specifically made for mini sculptors. From my experience it’s a very good putty, I flip back and fourth between it and greenstuff for most sculpts.

4 Milliput. It can be brittle, smooths with water, sand-able, a good bulk putty. I don’t use it by itself anymore except for basing or really big sculpts but..

4.5 Not pictured but milliput mixed with greenstuff makes “superstuff”. It’s awesome for weapons, to bulk up the armature or large surfaces. It’s great stuff becasue it’s got the strength of milliput but the flexibility of greenstuff.

5. Vaseline. I spent a couple years using water to try and stop green stuff or other putty’s from sticking to my tools and fingers. IT doesn’t work. Get Vaseline it changes everything and makes working with green stuff actually pleasant rather than an exercise in patience which miniature sculpting kinda is anyway. Just wash them with a little soap if you’re planning on painting them.

6. Corks. To hold the wire armatures.

7 Plastic. Superglue a piece to the top of the cork and poke some holes for the wire. It makes a nice smooth surface for sculpting on.

8 Different types of wire for the armatures – paper clips, freezer ties, and fuse wire.

9 Superglue.

10 War gaming bases.

I tend to jump around with which putty I use even on the same mini, which isn’t terribly professional but sometimes when I’m stuck on a figure changing putty helps (Something I’m trying to get better at.)



And then there’s all this stuff in the random box – sometimes you just need something with a thicker edge or a square box bit and it can be nice to have it.

So there’s what I’m currently using. Maybe someone will find this interesting!

Mass Effect Miniatures

IMG_0250 copy

Commander Shepard from Mass effect (one of my favourite games.)

Materials: Mostly greenstuff, the sniper rifle and part of the armature is Milliput mixed 50:50 with greenstuff. The omni blade is plastic card.

The base was more plastic sheets and tubes and the icicles where hot glue strands super glued on.

This mini was a real turning point with my sculpting – I started using clay shapers and Vaseline to smooth it, the difference is like night and day. This was also my first female fig and I finely worked out how to sculpt weapons! I also mostly tracked how much time went into the sculpting (something I have yet to replicate). Like I can tell you it took me 41:04 minutes to sculpt her left calf, cool huh?

Although her face drove me nuts and It’s really a point I need to focus on.

DSC05248 copy

DSC05249 copy

DSC05250 copy

DSC05251 copy

DSC05252 copy

DSC03880 copy

DSC03884 copy

DSC03910 copy

DSC03935 copy

DSC04166 copy



Materials: procreate, greenstuff, brownstuff (seriously), copper fuse wire for the arms and assorted plastic and rocks for the base.

Second Mass Effect mini, I’m really pleased with how it came out, one of my favorite bases. I heated plastic with a lighter and then bent it into a curve. And then added assorted wire and snow flock.

DSC03708 copy

DSC03464 copy


DSC03463 copy


DSC03462 copy


DSC03496 copyDSC03517 copy


100_4183 copy




100_4234 copy


100_4257 copy


100_4237 copy

100_4285 copy

DSC02898 copy


DSC02901 copy


Mordin! I started sculpting him while I was half way through Mass Effect 3… 🙁

I really liked this drawing of Mordin, it partially inspired the miniature.

The floor is a section of a coke can flattened, sanded and buffed.

DSC04500 copy

DSC04503 copy

DSC04504 copy

DSC04505 copy

DSC04509 copy

100_4197 copy


100_4212 copy

100_4251 copy

100_4261 copy

DSC02667 copy

DSC03928 copy

DSC03934 copy

I sculpted Joker for fun over Christmas 2011, he was my first Mass Effect mini. He’s not actually the same scale as the others annoyingly, he’s a couple mm taller.

The floor is made from a coke can like Mordin.

DSC03992 copy

DSC03994 copy

DSC03995 copy


DSC03996 copy

DSC03997 copy

100_3931 copy

Thanks for reading!   \O/








Game Of Thrones Miniatures

Hey guys,

Here’s my collection of Game Of Thrones sculpts so far!

Note for height reference that’s a Singapore dollar its the same size as a quarter, or about 23 mm, it was the only coin I had at hand.

DSC06200 copy

Damn it Ned why’d you have to be so honourable?

I originally tried the pose from the promo photos for season one, I wasn’t very happy with how it was turning out though – pretty boring. So I made the hard choice and scrapped it to start again with a more interesting scene. Very pleased I did.

DSC06237 copy DSC06239 copy DSC06240 copy DSC06241 copy DSC06242 copy DSC06243 copy DSC05947 copy DSC05951 copy DSC05983 copy

King in the north! Robb Stark. For the most part a very straight forwards sculpt except for the left hand which was a bitch! Misjudged how much wire was left on the arm ended up with not enough of a base to sculpt on.

DSC06214 copy DSC06218 copy DSC06219 copy DSC06221 copy DSC06222 copy DSC05939 copy DSC05953 copy DSC05954 copy DSC05960 copy

You know nothing, Jon SnnOOOOooowwwww! I’m really happy with the composition on this one. Snow bases are fun!

DSC06213 copy DSC06227 copy DSC06229 copy DSC06228 copy DSC06230 copy

Lannister time! Tyrion.

I got half way through this sculpt and scrapped it, the scale got away from me a little, he was becoming a little bit too square.

DSC06231 copyDSC06233 copy DSC06234 copy DSC06235 copy DSC06236 copy DSC05991 copy

The Kingslayer! Jamie Lannister.

I sculpted him back in 2014. He was the first of this set.

DSC06244 copy DSC06250 copy DSC06249 copy DSC06248 copy DSC06246 copy TEST 617 copy TEST 635 copy TEST 657 copy TEST 699 copy TEST 730 copy

Thanks for reading! \O/